Dear Lil' Kiddo

Dear Lil’ Kiddo,

Yesterday, I caught your Papa watching your ultrasound video over and over again. He keeps smiling on it. He edited your video and replays it like zillion of times. He also keeps repeating Maher Zain song titled ‘My Little Girl’ in our PC. He tells your Granny everything about you. About the very first time he felt you kicking him. About your size, about your nose, about your heartbeat.

By the time I saw your heartbeat, I started to love you. And it grows bigger, and bigger everyday. Everytime I feel alone, I can feel your little hands or feet kicking me. I can't wait to see you. I learn a lot everyday. Motherhood is not easy, they say. So please help me... Because I want to be the best for you, for your Papa too...
What I want to say is you make us happy.

Someday, you will read this post.

Maybe we get into a fight about something that you might think it’s right, but I think about it different way. You will read this and you will know, how much we love you. Even since you haven’t born yet.

If someday I mad at you, scream at you, and do something that you don’t really like, I just want you to know. I do it all because I’m too worry. I do it all because I love you and you have no idea how precious you are to me, to us. 

We've been waiting for you for so long, Lil Kiddo...

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