Personal Interview : 001


Would you kiss a total stranger?
Hmmm... If I said yes, then my husband will kill that person. Seriously. So... I said no.

Name someone you want to kiss!
I think EVERYBODY knows someone who I want to kiss

If you could marry someone in this world, who would it be?
Safruddin Alwi, he's the best...!!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Hmmm... Surga Firdaus, may I ??!!

Do you find it easy to meet new people?
I do...

Who do you love?
My family (*Included my lovely dovey husband)

If you could bring one person back to life, who would it be?
My little child... 
Who was your last crush?
Oh come on... you already know him! should I say 'Safruddin Alwi' like thousands times?

If you and your best friend loved the same person, would you let go of him/her for your friend?
Let go, not because for my friend. I don't like someone who is loved by my friend.

Would you rather eat chicken wings or ice cream?
Ice cream! FYI, chicken wings are dangerous!

Who would you like to "accidentally" get stuck on an island with?
Oh my... I said it again... My lovely husband, Safruddin Alwi...

Are you scared of death? 
Yes, i'm scared... 

If you could be in one TV show, which would it be?
New Girl

If you had a snail that could talk, what would you name it? 
The Creepy Snail

If you could travel back in time, where and when would you go?
Taruna Nusantara Senior High School

If somebody handed you a magic lamp and gave you three wishes, what would they be?
hmmm... library, full closets, and more wishes

If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it and why? I just wanna stay beside my husband, remembering all of our memories, then asking for his 'ridha'.

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