My Wedding


Alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah...
Udah dapet restu dari orang tua... :)

Insya Allah Febuari 2011 Shelly nikah...
Insya Allah juga tahun depan jadi Sarjana... :)
Addduuuuuhh... deg - deg - duer!!

Mohon doanya yah, semuaaaa...
Semoga semuanya lancar... :)

Aiiihhhh... 6 bulan lagiii...

Ya Allah... hamba mohon beri kelancaran dan berkah... :)


Thought at 00:00


You know, I like to write. Yea, I write everything. Even it's like words' diarrhea, it fixes me when I'm broken. It's such a big deal with me, myself, I, and my heart.

Just like today. This is my thought at 00:00
I don't like being such a stupid girl who is waiting for the phone rings or something. And the worst thing ever is to forget my wall which keeps surrounding me inside. I WAS Protected. I WAS.

I know, I have to change. I know I have to do something better. I need to change. I need to protect myself as no one would do it for me.

An for those voices which come from my heart...


I'm NOT That Good


"If I'm one of those cars, I might be DAIHATSU TAFT ROCKY. Yea... I'm that TAFT!"

First time I just realize that the sentences above just do not fit on me. Yea.. I'm sink. It's just too much for me. In the other words "I'm not that good". Yes. At All.

You know what? Once you let yourself do one mistake then you did not feel guilty for that, your body will receive it like a permit to do it twice and more. All the best you can do is just STOP IT. It's like punishing yourself. Wishing you do not do that mistake again.

Trust me. I'm such a moron let myself be someone that I never thought I would be.