And suddenly, when I was in a good mood. A message delivered.
"Tuing!" my ponsel rang.

Then I thought it was my abang.
And I was dramatically being so nuts reading this :

"Sayang mly sudah sampai."
Well, it was such a big "bang" in my head. "Ouch!"
How does it feel? Figuring out your *** falls for another *** who are not your ***

I hate it. Well, if it's your way, and you wanna go that way. Just DO NOT LET ME KNOW about anything.

and here is the deal :
You go on your way. I go mine. You don't have to tell me what I should do. I don't have to tell you, too.

2 komentar:

Lingga SM said...

eh2, siapa sih?

ShellyTheUNIX said...

km taulah, link. Seseorang yang dulu itu.