7 Random Things About Me


  1. Books and Computer are my weakness - i cant say no to them! Maybe that's the reason why I can stay longer in my room 7 days a week
  2. i love love tea, ice and juice - Just if I don't manage to get any meals for breakfast, I do brewing tea.
  3. Cat and Clown Fish are my favorite animals
  4. sometimes i thought by having my own school and living in village just like Harvestmoon are the wonderful things ever! Ahahahaha~~ Let me ask my future hubby doing these for me!
  5. i feel pretty when i repair Notebook - haven't take a bath yet, no make up, messy hair, frown face, so naturally.
  6. Black and Pink are my colors
  7. Examinations and Joomla haunted me right now!

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